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This is an offer of (FREE ADVERTISING) in the Czech Republic and Slovakia on the www.obchodnispoluprace.cz website for cooperation in trade, services and production. The server works together with professional chambers of commerce and associations in the CR and SR, who receive your inquiries and offers online.

If you are interested, please email the text of your ad in English, German or Russian to office[at]obchodnispoluprace.cz, and we will publish it for free on www.obchodnispoluprace.cz in the following categories:

  • inquiries and offers related to investment properties in the CR and SR (apartments for rent, industrial sites, warehouses, apartment buildings, land, other properties)
  • inquiries and offers related to sales of companies or shares in companies in the CR and SR
  • establishing and managing a dealership/branch in the CR and SR
  • search for long-term business partnerships in the CR and SR in services, trade and production
  • search for legal, audit, consulting, translation and other services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • search for specialists and managers in business cooperation in the CR and SR
  • search for sales representatives for the CR and SR

The text of your inquiry or offer must comply with the legal regulations of the Czech Republic. It must be comprehensible and contain a maximum of 1500 characters including spaces.

The www.obchodnispoluprace.cz website is a private independent organization that is not obligated to publish an offer or inquiry and does not have to state the reasons for doing so. It is not responsible for the content of published offers, inquiries or advertisements. The server guarantees that the service -- publication of an ad, including the publication of contact information and where you are offering or seeking business cooperation -- is free. Your information is not stored in a database. The ad is published in Czech and English for a period of 3 months from the date of its publication on the website, and then it is automatically removed. The sender -- the party ordering the advertisement -- is fully responsible for ensuring that the published information and contacts are accurate and up-to-date.

In the event of a misunderstanding, you will receive a friendly email notifying you that it is necessary to modify the specification of the advertisement (inquiry/offer), or we will ask you to clarify the information. By sending the text of the ad to office[at]obchodnispoluprace.cz you also declare that you agree with the terms and conditions of the www.obchodnispoluprace.cz website.

If you are interested in a paid banner, please send us information such as the size of the banner, how long you would like it to be displayed, etc. You must send the final source materials in order for the banner to be published. We will be happy to send you a price quote by email. The banner will be displayed on the www.obchodnispoluprace.cz website after we receive your payment.

The obchodnispoluprace.cz team

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